Small Utility Scaffold Tower SP-6D – Double Unit with Guardrail & Outriggers


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Small SP-6 scaffold is the premier indoor scaffold on the market. Engineered and manufactured with top quality care and components, this scaffolding is built to last.

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Small SP-6D Scaffold – Double Unit with Guardrail & Outriggers

The Snappy Double Unit SP-6D scaffold is the premier indoor scaffold on the market. Twice the height of the standard Snappy, the Snappy provides 12′ of working height. Engineered and manufactured with top quality care and components, this scaffolding is built to last. The Snappy is set apart by it’s “Snappy” operation. A spring loaded G-Pin allows for quick, yet safe adjustments. Simply pull out on the pin, adjust to the appropriate height and release the pin. This operation is user friendly and secure. It stays locked in location, except when released for adjustment.

Small SP-6D Scaffold Features

    Different Lengths – Scaffold lengths are available in 6′, 8′ and 10′ units. The frames are 29″ wide.
    Adjustable Heights – The scaffold is has adjustments every 2″ to ensure the perfect height for each application.
    Easy of Use – Adjustments are simple and can quickly be done.
    Convenience – Designed to fit through a standard 36″ doorway, the Snappy is ready to move.
    Stackable – Two units can be stacked to provide maximum height and versatility. Stacking two 6′ units gives a working height of 12′. Outriggers are available for increased safety and stability.
    Independently adjustable legs – 5 inch casters come standard for level surfaces. When using the Snappy on stairs, simply remove the casters and adjust the heights accordingly.
    Heavy Duty Decks – The decks are made from 5/8″ plywood. The edge banding is done with steel for maximum strength. This removes the need for rivets, screws or staples
    Spring Loaded Clips – These clips were developed to lock in the walkboard. It allows for safer operation and quicker setup and tear down.
    Spring loaded G-Pins – The g-pins help speed up scaffold height adjustments. Pop them out to adjust the height and securely pop them with peace of mind.
    Optional Guardrails – Easily attach two pieces that complete the guardrail system for the Snappy. It includes a toeboard for maximum safety.
    Powder Coated Finish – This is the most effective way of protecting steel. Powder Coating bonds the paint to the metal ensuring a professional finish and lasting coat.
    Meets ANSI Standards – The Snappy meets or exceeds the requirements of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) CODE A 10.8
    Meets OSHA Standards – The Snappy meets or exceeds OSHA requirement
    Patented Technology – Multiple patents on the Snappy ensure the technology has been fully developed
    Maximum Load Capacity – 1,000 lb distributed
    5 Year Warranty -This warranty covers scaffold frames. Casters and wheels are warranted at 90 days.

Comes Complete with

    4 – End Frames- Powder Coated in Granite Yellow
    2 – 5/8″ Plywood Walkboards – 6′ L x 29″ W
    4 – Support Arms with G-Pins – Powder Coated in Gray
    4 – 5″ Casters with brakes for scaffold
    4 – Outrigger supports
    Each outrigger support has a 5″ Caster with brake
    Full length guard rail
    Full length toe board


  • Capacity: 1,000 lbs
  • Model Number: SP-6D
  • Model Name: Snappy SP-6D
  • Weight: 386 lbs
  • Overall dimensions: 16’H x 6’L x 29″ W
  • Adjustable heights from: 27″ – 12′
  • Heavy duty swivel 5″ casters with dual brakes
  • Optional Outriggers required for heights above 6 ft.

It is the ideal work platform for:

    Maintenance personnel
    Office Buildings
    Plus many more!


  • 6’ Snappy Double Unit with Guardrail & Outriggers.
  • Platform Height 27” – 12’
  • Unit Weight 386 lbs.
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