Collomix Heavy Duty Double-Paddle Hand Held Power Mixers Xo55 - Includes Two Custom Mixing Paddles - MKD 140HF


New product

Outstanding design - Exceptional performance

  • Premium-class mixing
  • Optimum performance and reliabilitiy
  • Perfect mixtures - less strain for the user
  • Perfect ergonomics - work with a straight back
  • Attractive design
  • HEXAFIX -coupling - easy exhange without using tools

Includes Two Custom Mixing Paddles - MKD 140HF

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Xo duo hand-held mixers

because it's faster & quicker

Outstanding in desing - Exceptional in performance

Counter-rotating mixing tools: No counter-torque acting on the user; maked for light work with less physical effort

Forced action mixing effect: For mixing all types of materials, including viscous and heavy materials, quickly and thoroughly

For thin and liquid materials: Possibility to revers the mixing effect by
me swapping the position on the two paddles

Elektronic speed control: Infinitely variable for smooth power transmission

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