Curb Roller Hydra-Screed


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The Hydra-Screed's rubber inserts can easily be removed to accomodate any desired length of pipe, custom V flume, crowned roller screed, and numerous other desired profiles. 

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The Hydra-Screed is designed to minimize labor, improve finished product and protect workers from injuries. It is ideal for pouring of driveways, sidewalks, streets, parking lots, bin pads and flumes. We have a simple design that is rugged enough for any job site.

The Hydra-Screed is powered by any available hydraulic power source; skid loader, mini excavator or power pack. It offers a variable speed for both forward and reverse direction. It is easily adaptable to run from either side of the poor. It comes standard with a 6", 11 gauge steel tube with removable ends. This enables the operator to use the same drive system with several different lengths of pipe. The drive system can accommodate tubes up to 29 feet.

As the screed spins it pushes the rocks down and brings the "fines" to the surface making the finish work much easier. Is is the best screed system when pouring impervious low slumps or steep on grades.

    - Hydraulically driven
    - 3-5 GPM @ 2250 PSI required
    - Two way variable speed control
    - Screed up to 29' in length
    - Shipped with 6" OD tube
    - Easily change tube lengths
    - Single pin allows for direction change
    - Handles pivot for desired position

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