Collomix Heavy Duty Portable Mixer - Ideal for Floor Leveling LevMix65


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Perfectly designed for: Floor leveling compounds and levelers, leveling compounds, pouring screed, fiber-reinforced fillers, colored surfacing materials, liquid plastics

Includes specialty paddle, wheeled base and tip & pour function

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Your formula for success:
Getting jobs done more quickly – with up to 50 % less effort.

When it comes to working with liquid floor leveling compounds, you know all about it: Fast work is regularly held up by time-consuming mixing and the highly exhausting job of transporting and puring. Move in the fast lane with the Collomatic LevMix.

This unique mobile mixer enables all these operations to be completed quickly and easily by just one person on his own. The effective effort you put in is reduced by almost half compared to a pure hand-held mixing.

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